Visites guidées bilingues - bilingual guided tours !

Visite Nature et Patrimoine
Redon Area

This summer three bilingual guided tours, in french and english, are planned in Pays de Redon.
Your guide Emmanuel keeps shifting from english to french, so that all can understand, and listen to both languages : très chic !
Designed both for adults and kids from 6, these tours will introduce you to three major spots of the Pays de Redon, with nature and heritage discovery.
A promising menu !

St Just, 25 July, 10 am
Travelling through time on the St Just heathlands
Among the heath and the standing stones, a voyage along centuries, millennia, eras...
While admiring the gorse blossoms, we can remember the shepherds and gorse-cutters of old. While wondering next to the standing stones, we get close to our neolithic brethren inventing farming and building those megaliths, laboring “by the grey cairn on the hill”...
While caressing the folded shales we feel the old mountain’s body and imagine its youth, as erect as the Alps !
So, en route for a matinée through time and times, and Bon voyage !

Guémené-Penfao, july 31, 3pm
The Don Valley’s fairy groves

With Emmanuel, a hike among the wild flowers by the Don river and up the dry woodland paths.   Penfao, Gwen menez... are words of  Breton origin, meaning Beech wood and White hill.
Puck is missing so far, but other fairies do show up in some stories !

St Vincent/Oust, 7 august, 3 pm
Around the Magpie-Island

Magical spot by the river Oust, with islets and cliffs, woods and birds, and the Nantes to Brest Canal carrying its historical flavor.
The granite cliffs have a truly wonderful story to tell, and you will discover the local traditional singing : all lines are to be repeated by the dancing crowd !
encore !