100% accessible – for disabled visitors

Visit Redon

Redon has a specially-adapted itinerary for disabled visitors with an audio guide which is also available with audio description, a large print town map showing a circuit which is wheelchair and pushchair friendly and a Braille / large print booklet about the town. These are all free of charge. If you would prefer a guided tour, the tourist office offers guided tours of the town and minibus trips along the Rivers and Bridges Trail (in July and August by prior reservation).

Manoir de l’Automobile Motor Museum

More than 400 cars in an exhibition area of 15,000 m², featuring a century of automobile production including Ferrari s, Alpines, luxury cars and racing cars from the 1970s. An exhibition relates great moments in the thrilling history of the car. There is also a Formula One grid, a model car exhibition and a collection of 50 horse carriages 
The museum is suitable for accompanied wheelchair users. 

Horse and carriage rides

Take a unique ride in a carriage pulled by a shire horse through the marshes to discover wildlife. Rides also start from Guémené-Penfao. Michel Debarre, who runs the horse and carriage company, owns with his wife an accommodation suitable for disabled guests too. They have invested in a specially-adapted carriage so that disabled visitors can share his love of history, wildlife and carriage rides. It takes 3 people in wheelchairs and 5 passengers, 2 people in wheelchairs and 8 passengers or 1 person in a wheelchair and 10 passengers.


- The Ropenard Trail at Maure de Bretagne. 
An 800m walk plus 800m back, and another 300m to the car park near the chapel. There is also disabled parking at the start of the footpath.
Free equipment is available to help disabled visitors by prior reservation.
- La Joëlette, invented by Joël Claudel, is an all-terrain, single-wheeled wheelchair which is manoeuvred by two people, one to pull and steer and one to push and regulate the balance.
-The "module tout chemin (MTC)" is a light system with an extra wheel which can be fixed onto most manual wheelchairs. It allows the small wheels of the wheelchair to be lifted above the ground, thus permitting the chair to go over obstacles and be used on most natural attractions on footpaths. It can be completed with a tow bar which allows an adult cyclist to tow a person in a wheelchair. 

Glide through the air…

- Glide silently above the Pays de Redon ! Introductory flights and glider discovery day flights. This activity is available to all disabled people with the aid of a helper. 
It does not have the approved label ‘Tourisme et Handicap’.