For Families

The Ile aux Pies  
This 15km valley, which is the only listed ‘Grand Site Naturel’ in inland Brittany, bears the marks of human activity in all directions : the canal and its locks, orchards of grafted chestnut trees, fishing lakes and old granite, slate or clay quarries. It’s a great place for families with a wide choice of activities : cycling, walking, canoeing (Apach Bihan), horse-riding (Ferme du Ménéhy), adventure trails Escapades Verticales) and an enchanting story walk, topped off with a delicious crêpe (Marins d’Eau d’Oust).

Tropical Parc
A splendid tropical park of more than 4 hectares where exotic birds, parrots, cockatoos, budgies, parakeets and kangaroos live freely. Discover gardens from around the world including Mexico, Thailand and Africa, plus a music hut, water garden with lotus flowers and a rose garden. See more on Tropical Parc
A large aviary with an Australian decor, full of rainbow parrots which you can feed.
Défis de l’Oust
"Les défis de l'Oust"
Start from Redon swimming pool and finish up at St Vincent sur Oust on the Ile aux pies (Magpie Island) without using a car, taking part in a made-to-measure programme of activities along the way by bike, by canoe, on foot or even through the treetops ! Everything is provided.

Have fun exploring the Pays de Redon using your SatNav or Smartphone !
The Upper Brittany Ille-et-Vilaine Tourist Board have set up a modern-day treasure hunt, known as geocaching, a popular leisure activity in France for the past ten years. A marvellous way for visitors and locals to explore the region by discovering ‘caches’ hidden in places of interest or at natural attractions using a SatNav or Smartphone.
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-The historic centre of Redon
-The Ile aux Pies at Bains-sur-Oust
Young Explorer’s guide  Jeunes Découvreurs (in French)
Dans ce livret, les enfants trouveront informations, questions, explications ou énigmes ainsi que des idées de visites. C’est parfois facile, parfois difficile, ce qui permet de s’amuser tous ensemble ! Ce cahier de jeux est gratuit, pour les enfants à partir de 8 ans. Disponibles aux accueils des Maison du Tourisme.

An activity booklet with information, questions, answers, puzzles and suggestions on places to visit. Free from the  Office de Tourisme, for children aged 8 and over.