The Nantes - Brest Canal

Discover the free guide to the Canals of Brittany

A practical guide – and it’s free 

This free guide gives useful information about the 365km long Nantes-Brest Canal. 
No visit to Redon is complete without a scenic walk or bike ride along the towpath beside the Nantes-Brest Canal, the main waterway of the region. 

A practical guide – and it’s free 

A little bit of history...

The idea of joining Nantes to Brest by a canal system came from Napoleon. Despite huge difficulties, the project was finally completed in 1842 and the 365km waterway includes parts of 8 rivers and has 236 locks. See more on The Nantes-Brest Canal

Défis de l'Oust starting from Redon

For a great day out, why not try a Défis de l’Oust fun challenge ! Made-to-measure activity packages with varying degrees of difficulty. Start from Redon and cycle along the canal at your own pace as far as the IIe aux Pies. Next, choose from relaxation, a walk, a sporting challenge in a canoe and/or a treetop adventure trail. Refreshments are included and served at the Crêperie Marins d'Eau d'Oust. Finally, cycle back to Redon at the end of the afternoon to visit the swimming pool. Available May-September from 11€ per person.   See more about Défis de L'Oust


A story walk

Take a story walk along the canal with an audioguide (in french) to really get into the spirit of the canal, both past and present. Listen to a story written by the author and journalist, Sandrine Pierrefeu, which brings to life the boatmen, lock-keepers, local inhabitants and other waterside characters.

A useful supplement to go with the Guide to Canals of Brittany

A free, useful supplement with details of accommodation, places to eat and leisure activities near the Canals is also available. Don’t forget to download it at the same time as your free guide to the Canals of Brittany (in French but easy to understand)

NB. The Vélodyssée  website also has information (in several languages) about the Nantes-Brest Canal. 

Vélodyssée cycle trail

Redon is on the Vélodyssée national cycling trail which runs across France from Hendaye to Roscoff and continues through the West of England where it is known as "Cycle-West"
"Accueil vélo" facilities for cyclists on the trail are shown on an  interactive map.


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