The crossroads of the rivers and canals of the West

Everyone is familiar with the idea of road and rail networks…but maybe not so much with waterway networks !

However, there was a time when river transport was number one ! It was the quickest and easiest way to transport large loads without the need to bump along tracks and so-called roads full of potholes …

Today these same waterways are number one for pleasure boating and the Pays de Redon is one of the best ! The Vilaine, one of the first rivers in France to be fitted with locks to enable navigation to Rennes, is linked by canals to the Ille and the Rance as far as Saint Malo : this is the (English) Channel-(Atlantic) Ocean Link. The Nantes-Brest Canal also flows through Redon and crosses the Vilaine, through the Isac valley towards Nantes, and through the Oust valley towards Brest.

Redon and its port area lie at the intersection of these two prestigious waterways.