Extraordinary Clubs and Societies

Cinémanivel is a multi-screen cinema complex with a rich and varied programme of films, run by an association ! Employees and volunteers share the running of this modern, friendly concern.
The first citizens’ wind farm in France was set up in the Pays de Redon ! Implanted on high ground above Béganne, the project is co-funded by hundreds of citizens through investment clubs.
The Groupement Culturel Breton des Pays de Vilaine not only created and organise the Bogue d’or (Golden Chestnut !) Festival, they also run the local School of Traditional Music in the Pays de Redon where over 400 pupils learn to play the violin, Celtic harp, bombard, Breton chanters and pipes, Scottish and Irish bagpipes, the diatonic accordion and the flute…the future is in safe hands !