Nominoé and Conwoion, the founding fathers

Redon was founded in the year 832, when Conwoïon, a monk, established an abbey at the confluence of the rivers Oust and Vilaine.
The then governor of Brittany, Nominoé, supported this strategic project on a site with natural boundaries, at a time when Brittany was distancing itself from the kingdom of Charles the Bald, Charlemagne’s grandson…
Several years later, in 845, the « Battle of Ballon » was fought on marshland near Bains-sur-Oust, not far from La Bataille stream, and Nominoé’s troops were victorious over those of Charles the Bald. 
It was said that this battle marked the independence of Brittany and was the origin of the expression, Redon, the cradle of Brittany.  Lots more local history can be found on our audio-guide !