Houses and Villages, Monuments and Chapels

The stone-built houses in our villages are full of secrets which are well worth a look. A specially written discovery guide (for non-specialists !) featuring a selection of 10 villages to explore, is a great way to understand and enjoy these little gems. 

As for chapels, there are over 50 in the region ! So, to be fair, we will just mention one from each département : Ste Agathe at Langon, Ste Anne-des-Lieux-Saints at Guémené-Penfao and Notre-Dame-de-Liesse at Peillac. Among the many ‘châteaux’ and ‘manoirs’ are Léhellec at Béganne, Bézyl and Trégaray at Sixt-sur-Aff and Le Bois Fleury at Guémené-Penfao which is accessible by horse and carriage…


Petite Fenêtre - MJegat



Chapelle St Fiacre à Ste Marie - VGonzalez