Welcome aboard !

Of course, the sight of all these waterways and different boats makes you want to jump aboard and join in ! An amazing range of vessels of all shapes and sizes are available for captains and crew, beginners or experienced sailors, for an hour, a day or a week.
You don’t need a permit to hire a cabin cruiser and sail peacefully along the river, through the locks…
Get away from it all as you paddle a canoe or kayak gently along the rivers Don or Oust, waving to other adventurers as you glide past… The Toues de Vilaine wooden boats pass by, their broadly-smiling captain at the helm. Large Canadian canoes at the Ile aux Pies streak joyfully past and… news travels fast around here… here come the ‘new boys’ stand-up paddle boards, Vélonautic (a cross between a surfboard and a bike – yes, really!),